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CAD: Creating Cross-Section Slices for printing templates

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  • CAD: Creating Cross-Section Slices for printing templates

    Hi All! I have just been trying out a few different CAD software, and am so far left wondering why i cannot easily cut sections from my 3D design to be printed as horizontal rib templates. Any input is greatly appreciated. I am a familiar CAD user with all of the major software (autoCAD, Rhino, Solidworks, etc), but hoping there is a free or even a small fee for a surfboard specific software that can do this self-contained. I am using boardCAD and AKU Shaper. Any tips?

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    There are a couple solutions to this if you Google around a bit. If you have an older computer with the old java version you can still find the hbtm by jedail. It takes a normal .brd file from boardcad or aku and generates a large pdf with what you want. From their you can use various other programs to tile the large per into custom size sheets to tape or glue together. Using boardcad you can print cross sections. It will only print half so you need to print it twice and tape/glue them together. You also have to make a cross section every where you want a rib before printing. Boardcad will do the same for the stringer/profile. Boardcad also has a function to print hollow board templates like the jedail program, but its junk in my opinion. Boardcad can also export straight to dfx format, but I've never tried it.


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      Wood Buddha has an awesome blog about this. It does use an old version of aku shaper, but it is similar to boardcad. He even included links... If they still work.


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        I've been monkeying around with AKU and jedail, seems to be the easiest so far...


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          there are a few ways to do this.

          shape3d is pretty clumsy but has a built in tool to export particular slices or at intervals. this is what i use. export the vectors to pdf and then fine tune them in illustrator.

          any modeling program will have functionality to create slices also. usually multiple methods. for instance in fusion you can use split body, combine (cut), or construct > midplane.

          havent used rhino in a while but have made canoe hull templates with the split / section tools.

          happy to continue the discussion if you have any questions or want specific examples.

          attached is a photo of a foil board design in shape3d. slices are set for 2" nose / tail blocks with frames every 4"
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            Thought I'd update with my findings.. "Hollow Board Maker Template" has been a good option for me. It has some simple prompts to guide your sections to whatever thicknesses you like to use. I also appreciate the construction style that it creates. Much more efficient and equally as robust a design when compared to using rail strips. However it has a few shortcomings:
            1- It requires a ton of vector cleanup in something like illustrator (unless I am importing wrong)
            2-It pockets out the ribs very minimally. If you are trying to save more weight, you'll need to go in and create your own rib cutouts.