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Is this forum the new T2S?

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  • Is this forum the new T2S?

    Can some of the old hands here please clarify - I was under the impression that T2S was closing down for whatever reason and that this forum was the replacement? However it appears that T2S is still going strong so why are we all trying to break out with this forum? I would prefer to participate in just the one forum to learn all I can and hopefully contribute as well in some way. Is T2S really closing down.... if not we may as well go back there as it seems more active.

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    It looked like T2S was closing down back in the spring. Rich posted that it was expected to close, but he didn't know when. So eight members scrambled to create a new home for the anticipated refugees. By the time WBF was running, Rich seemed to have found a way to keep the wheels on for a while, but nobody knows for how long it will continue.

    I'm involved with and moderate both T2S and WBF. We all can see that several members frequent both. So as long as both are active, you don't have to choose. T2S has a lot of information in those many years of build threads, but has seemed less active over the last few years. WBF is already more stable and secure, but hasn't built the large following that T2S used to have.
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      The owner of tree to Sea did announce that he would be closing his site and/or making it a static view only site.

      The history of t2s is the owner spends virtually no time managing. The fact that's he's not even looking likely is the reason he hasn't pulled the plug yet. He's simply not there to do anything including what he says he's planning on doing.

      T2S is left to a couple of moderators with few tools available to manage it properly. These mods are still there deleting spam and this is the only reason T2S is still usable at all.

      2 of the T2S moderators and 6 T2S members are here now with ALL the tools to manage and most importantly we care and are actively involved on a daily basis.

      I only want to be involved in a single forum like you.
      I'm here on this forum for the long haul both a an enthusiastic builder and I moderator.

      If you look at the daily activity of the old T2S site and this new WBF site you will find that the discussion is mostly moving to WBF.

      I hope your decision is to choose this forum and let the old forum go like I have.

      T2S may or may not remain. Only Rich knows. is rock solid.
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        Yes, this is the new T2S.
        The old site is dying and has been for a while. Hopefully it will at least remain as a static view-only site so it may be linked to and referenced; there's lots of great stuff.


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          Originally posted by Brad View Post
          ...T2S may or may not remain. Only Rich knows.

 is rock solid.
          Yes, IMO, the uncertainty and doubt are the crux of the T2S issue.

          With 8 founders at WBF acting as admins, we can operate when one or two of us are on hiatus.
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            Slightly off topic but it's the only way I could ask (wouldn't let me start new topic) - anybody else having issues with the forum these last few days? Selecting photo's within a thread does nothing for me (they don't open) and when I select the word "photo" next to the photo it opens ALL the photo's in the entire thread but only in thumbnail view (not large). Also cannot "start new topic" as stated. and other weird things going on. I'm on a mac and using Safari but same deal with firefox.


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              Also when I hit "post reply" instead off showing the new post I get a white screen with this error: {"nodeId":1893} I then have to hit the back button to get things going again.


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                Hey 45South...
                I think the issue may be on your end. No issues here and I'm running the same as you (Safari on a mac). The only things I can suggest (which you've probably already tried) log out & back in, clear your cache, and restart your machine.... but I'm no IT guy. Our resident IT guy is out at sea (literally).

                If anyone has issues, you can hit the 'contact us' and send an email to the admins.
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                  Yep got it sorted - there was something wrong with Safari as chrome and firefox were working so I rebooted and cleaned all the history etc out of safari and now it's ok - thanks Kevin.


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                    Well it looks like T2S is no longer. I was looking for some information to pass along here and only got this.
                    Long live WBF!
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