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Finally Finished my first board

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  • Finally Finished my first board

    I posted on here last week looking for help after I burned through my weave. Well with some good suggestions I was able to patch the area using the lap technique and sure enough you can't even tell. There are definitely a lot mistakes throughout the board - some visible and some not, but overall I am really happy with it and can't wait to get it out on the water. Problem is now I am completely hooked on building these boards so I am already planning my next.

    Anyway here she is. 11'2" SUP/Longboard built of western red cedar. I put the RFC Azul 10" fin on her. The blue you see in the center striping is turquoise that I used to fill worm tracks/holes sprinkled throughout the darker wood. I made the leash plug out of a small piece of koa with a brass rod. The blue around it is also turquoise that I used to cover a mistake I made in drilling the hole.

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    Looks fantastic! How does it ride?


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      Holy mirror finish! Nice job.
      Kook on a wood board.


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        Unbelievable, especially for a First build, what a superb finish!
        The best surfer is the one with the biggest smile on his face...


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          Thanks! I am pleased with it but know what I will do differently on the next

          Not sure yet on how she rides, but cant wait to get on her next weekend to see!!!!


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            Nice work. Is it your own design. Great finish. Is it polished epoxy? A friend of mine who is a carpenter always says " good carpenters cover their mistakes better".


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              Not my own design. I bought PDF blueprints from Sliver Paddleboards. It’s actually finished with Interlux perfection plus thinned about 15%.

              I have a friend who’s a retired engineer and when I first started woodworking he told me the exact same thing. A great carpenter isn’t one that doesn’t make mistakes but knows how to cover them up. Changed my entire mindset.

              Cant wait to get to the beach next weekend with it. Hope she floats!! Ha


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                Looks amazing, it is really surprised me that is your first board,looking forward to see your next projects.
                the finish is absolutely amazing!!


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                  great looking board. 11-2 is a lot of board to build as your 1st one. just think, smaller boards will be much easier.

                  do you have this build chronicled on this site? sure would like to see.


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                    Yeah I didn’t think about the size being a contributing factor to difficulty and do look forward to the next - 8 footer is the plan.

                    Unfortunately I didn’t chronologically document with the build, but I pretty much followed Clayton’s tutorials to the letter over on sliver.

                    cant wait to start the 8 footer!!!!


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                      Originally posted by Curlz View Post
                      Yeah I didn’t think about the size being a contributing factor to difficulty
                      That's exactly what I said when I started my second build an 11' paddle board. Turns out I don't have that much space and had to keep it outside while building it.