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What to do with my broken, but GORGEOUS, wooden board?

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  • What to do with my broken, but GORGEOUS, wooden board?

    I have a seriously stunning 12 foot wooden SUP that a friend of a friend built. I bought it off my friend beginning of last summer for $1200. Last summer, I dropped it and a small rock penetrated it and it has a little puncture hole on the bottom side near the nose. I'm no serious woodworker but I had plans to fix it, then, overwhelmed, a plan to convert it into an outdoor bar. Long story short, it's still sitting in my basement on a shaping stand covered in dust, and now I'm moving overseas in a month and can't take her with me.

    The indent is ~9x5cm and ~1.5cm deep in the center. The actual puncture is ~5cm long.

    What do I do with it!?

    It is a beautiful piece of art and even in its current state it is so cool to look at. Does it hold any value as it is?

    If so, is this $300, or more like $50-100? Would I be better off contacting a specific type of company or something?

    Anybody in the Boston/North Shore area that wants it?!

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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    Can your friend repair it and sell it for you and you two split the money?
    Or just throw it on CL with an asking price & be willing to take a decent offer.

    Or slap a sticker over the hole and sell it as wall art.
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      I would try to carefully pull out the dented part using a scribe or tooth picks. One of the hook tools that dentist use would probably be best. After you got it pulled up as much as you can, stitch the hole shut using ca glue, then "fill" the remaining dented area with epoxy, finally sand flush. It will still be weak in that area, but either try not to hit/stand there again or sell it.

      If you are going to sell it as wall art you could drill out the dented portion with a forstner bit, glue in a solid wood piece, and put a eye bolt/screw as a mounting point. If you do 3-4 mounting points like that, it will look like it was meant to be on a wall, the dented area will be facing a wall, and if anyone asks about the little bit of cracking around it you can say it was the first hole and the bit caught or something.

      In my experience, it is hard to cover up a mistake. It is easier to turn a mistake into a feature. Instead of hiding the crack/dent make it a hanging point. If you cut your deck too short glue in some accent pieces to make up the length. If you drill a hole too big, make a surrounding piece from complementary wood.

      Or slap a sticker on it!
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        Wrong country for me else I would be after it!


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          I think I will just try to sell it as-is. Thank you for your replies guys!



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            I'd take it if I were closer. I visit my sister in Hartford every Thanksgiving and would drive to Boston but I'm guessing you're going to move before then.


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              A relatively easy fix for a woodworker...hope someone that can fix it gets it! :-)