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  • Board bag?

    Never even considered this! And being a Kansas guy, I have very little experience with surf boards so I'm learning everything from the internet lol!

    I will be carrying my dark cedar board on the roof of my car, sometimes more than an hour drive. Summers here in Kansas City can be 100+ degrees. Even with the board vents open and anti UV coating, sounds like I need a reflective bag the board to keep it cooler and avoid damage? I understand how the multi layered manufactured boards can delam, so I guess it is the same problem with wood, wood glue, and the fiberglass/epoxy layers?

    The whole thing just seems so counter intuitive to have a "sun and fun" sporting good item that will be ruined if it is in the sun. Images of California and Hawaii are all about boards everywhere and rarely a bag, is that because the temp is cooler on the coast?

    Any thoughts?


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    I would invest in a bag or sock for a drive like that. On Oahu you can get away with no bag because the drive is short so uv/heat protection isn't a thing. Also a lot of the people I know keep their boards in a shed or garage out of direct sunlight when not in use. For Kansas I would 100% get a bag if you can't fit the board in your car (old Volvo station wagons are awesome for this). On a road trip that long you are bound to have road debris flying up and hitting the work of art that is your board. A bag offers some protection. How bad would it be to drive over an hour to a beach just to find out a rock from a semi knocked a chip out or cracked the glass? Another $100 or so for protection is a small price to pay in my opinion.