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    Yesterday I returned from 14 days surfing holidays from Portugal. Since it covers some threads already posted, but in different areas, I post this new thread.

    Hot Luzy:
    The board was repaired and now it is watertight... . I tried it on some days and realized that its not that easy to ride than exspected. You have to paddle into the wave very straight, otherwise it tends to slide out. When the wave is caught, the board is very sensitive. a slight weight shift makes it react, a heavier weight change and chances are high to fall of or slide out. In short its fun to ride, but I would prefer a more stable ride. There is a big difference to my collapsible hot-curl, which holds the lines easier and is much more foregiving.

    I'm still wondering where the differences may come from. I assume that the more convex hot curl tail (keel) of the collapsible "sucks" itself more into the water, whereas the sharp edged triangle does not. I would compare it with edged or rounded rails, but finally its an assumption. To proove the theory, I would have have to build another one.... Unfortunately I could not compare the directly, because I left the collapsible in Germany, knowing that I havve a nice quiver in Portugal I did not check it in.

    My paddling improved, all the efforts to change my paddling style gained good results. I was faster than ever and could paddle much longer than ever. Sure I got tired, but I never had severe pains anymore, last year, I was not able to lift my arms after some sessions.

    Waves at Arrifana where quite poor, almost not existent. But we changed beaches everyday at I had lots of good rides at Amoreira, Amado and Castelejo. Due to my improved paddling, I did have any fear anymore to go to the outside and took the waves from the start.... Under the restrictions of my surfing abilities, I had the best surf ever. The most used board was my PUKAS PKS 6.6 a very high volume shortboard, but my first balsa board, did a good job too.

    On my first wooden board, I realized some mould from the inside. it still worked, but I exspect it will not last very long. I hope still some years of use, but the problem is the storage in Portugal, in a very humid cellar, close to the pool. But it may be caused by one little water intake last year, where i forgot to close the valve prior to surf. Either the humidity did not dry out 100% or humidy during storage got into the board... So if you do't seal your boards from the inside, keep them dry at any times, do not forget to close valves and store them as dry as possible. I do not know about other woods, but I know that balsa tends to mould easily...
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