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    Thanks for the link to the paddling course. I will spend this coming summer getting back in shape, not easy to do at 62 years old. I'll be biking, exercising & swimming as well as paddling on the lake. I wasn't able to do much of anything last summer due to the smoke from forest fires. You don't want to do ANYTHING when the air quality is over 200 for weeks at a time. Hopefully this summer will be better. Once I'm in better condition and comfortable in the water again (haven't been swimming on purpose in a LONG time!) I'll take a few surfing lessons and get after it. It's tough watching the surfers out there and not being able to join them.



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      I must say this will help and that i will be able to paddle with much more endurance, this would help the all technicians and home workers, it must be great idea, thanks for good ideas and basic work...

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        1 Exchanging bounce lurches. Sets 3 Reps 10 every leg. Begin in a forward thrust position with your hands on your hips for parity.

        2 Plyometric press-ups. Sets 3 Rep 10. Begin in a press-up position.

        3 Exercise center ball jacknives. Sets 3 Reps 8.

        4 Burpees. Sets 3 Reps 12.

        5 Back raise holds. Sets 3 Time 30secs.