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    That was awesome. I love the comparison.... "standing on a toboggan and out racing an avalanche barefooted!"
    Around the 1:55 mark, there's a board the reminds me of one of Huck's builds that resembled a rental board from Waikiki.
    If you've never been to Hawaii, you really should. It's very magical. I prefer Kauai. Smaller & less people and the Napali coast.
    Kook on a wood board.


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      Unfortunately never been to Hawaii, for the board at the 1:55 mark I habe to look again, but some seconds before is, where I assumed it shows the tails of a hotcurl, but I may be wrong, it may be the front of a board, because its showing up to the sky...
      What I like about Waikiki is the almost "endless" running wave, which as far as I now is finally a runner up of a broken wave at the far outside reef. But this wave must roll and peel for a mile...
      The best surfer is the one with the biggest smile on his face...