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  • Hello from South Wales

    Hi all - long-time bad surfer here, but happy in the generally mellow sea of South Wales, UK.
    I'm looking to do my first build with my son this summer, glad to have found this site, really helpful.
    I want to buy plans for an 8' mini mal, traditional style, easy take-offs and all that. I found plans for one on Tree to Sea for $20 - but I see he hasn't been posting there since 2015? Does anyone know if the site still functions and if I can get the plans?
    Thanks everyone!

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    Welcome to WBF Chris.
    Unfortunately T2S is dead. We created this sight when it was dying. There are a few members here that sell both plans & kits. I will post up some links once my coffee kicks in.
    Kook on a wood board.


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      Thanks Kevin. I did see posts about T2S on the forum but wondered if the option to buy plans from the blog still existed. One thing - I just spoke with my son and he wants to build a shorter board, not the 8' one I said. So I guess we're looking at making something like a 6'6" thruster type thing?


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        Has anyone tried to work from the basic (least expensive) kit listed here - just the internal structure, pre-cut?
        (I've seen the laser/ router discussion on the forum, happy to work with laser cut.) It'd be nice to get a complete kit but can't afford that. I've been working full-time with wood the past year or more and think I have the kit to complete the job.
        Any advice on starting with a kit like that?
        Thanks, C
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          such a kit should not be a problem a kit makes life easier, but if you are on a low budget, I would think too about making the internal structure by myself. Go and get the Freeware BoardCad. Load it onto your computer and play around with it. you will realize pretty fast, how this thing works. Then you need the Jdail Hollow Wood Template maker, a freeware too. This is even easier to use, once you have your design in Boardcad ready, you open it load the boardcad file into, click solid Rails and type in the measures for ribs spine deck etc, it creates and pdf file, which is the plan you need. Then you just need wood and cut the templates out, some gluing and your internal structure is ready...
          If you get balsa wood in premilled sheets, like I do, you can even cut it with a knife, but a jigsaw is perfect for it.
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            Chris... Tucker Surf Supply was one that I was thinking of. Brad is also an admin here too though he has been a bit quiet.
            Randy, also another admin here, has some really nice options.

            I have not looked at T2S in a long time but it may be possible to sift through all the spam & find a template you like.
            Kook on a wood board.


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              Originally posted by Olddude View Post
              Go and get the Freeware BoardCad. Load it onto your computer...
              I've stumbled at the first hurdle! Downloaded it but it won't open - I'm on an iMac, maybe that's the reason (I read others' comments). I liked the idea of getting the boy into CAD but that's clearly not working. Really appreciate your input tho Olddude. I guess it's Brad or Randy's plans - thanks Kevin.


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                Hi Chris,

                I'm in Aylesbury, Bucks.

                What about a Magic Carpet? It's 7' 6" and the design is from Mike Skinner up in Northumberland. I built one a year or so back and it's a nice size.




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                  Welcome to the forum. If you are trying to go the diy route for the internal frame, you might be able to find an old version of akushaper. It's pretty bare bones, but runs on java and in theory should work. Worst case, I would doodle it up on boardcad and send you the file. I am not a professional and I can only do very basic and generic shapes.


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                    Thanks both.

                    Stew - I managed to download the template but before I hit print, need to be sure the length is ok - it's a shame it's not 7' or under which would hit the spot. Still tempted to go ahead now I actually have a template!

                    Phillip - I found akushaper and it looks like I could work with it - there's a free 2-week trial and need to be clear I know what to do to make it work before I download, so we don't run out of time! How would we convert the design into a template for cutting the wood for the frame? Sorry if this is obvious.

                    Thanks again, C


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                      I would say go for the magic carpet anyway. If you build one board, I'm sure you'll want to make a second.

                      Google " plankish whale " - I'm building up that one as the smaller one at the moment. I think that one is 6' 6".

                      You may may want to think on if you want hollow rails or not before you start to build. I prefer to build in the solid rail style, though try make them as hollow as I can.


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                        Found plankish whale and registered but still can't get into the CAD section of the site as a confirmation email hasn't come through. I'll persevere, but starting to think you're right - once you're set up to make one, you might as well make another! Thanks.


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                          Disclaimer: I haven't used akushaper since they started charging money for it.

                          That being said, after designing and tweaking the board in aku just save it as a .brd file. Akushaper might have a in program method of printing hollow board templates. Boardcad does, but it doesn't work well. The generally easier option is to use . You can load your .brd into it, fill out a couple parameters (frame thickness, deck thickness, etc.) And then print templates. The templates will try to print on one big piece of paper. Unless you take it somewhere or have access to a plotter it's best to print to PDF and then use Adobe to print on multiple sheets of paper and tape them together. The HBTM runs on java so it should work on mac if you have java installed.

                          Google WoodBuddha, he had a really good tutorial of the process on his blog.

                          Words of advice if you do it this way. In akushaper you need a deck slice/cross section everywhere you want a frame along the board. I generally do a frame every 6 or 8 inches, so in aku I design it how I like using as few cross sections as possible. Save it. (Board x.brd) Then add cross sections every 6 inches without changing any dimensions. Then delete any of the original cross sections not at 6 inch increments and save as using same file name with framed at the end. (Board x framed.brd) This helps me when I tweak a board a lot.

                          Sorry if that is too long of a post.


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                            Thanks for such a detailed reply, Phillip. I'm going to have to put some time aside to try what you've suggested - not simple for a first-timer! Could end up with a whole new form of surfboard. ;-)


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                              Hopefully a relatively simple question - the Western red cedar sold here (UK) seems expensive when bought as boards but relatively cheap as cladding. Cladding is about 20mm thickness (3/4"?) so will need thicknessing down to use which is fairly easy; while the boards are 1"+ and would need resawing and planing (more difficult) and seems to work our more expensive.
                              Is the wood used for cladding likely to be any different to rough sawn boards except in price and initial finish/ is it less good for a surf board? Would you usually buy a thick board and cut thin slices from it on a bandsaw?
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