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  • Hello from Germany

    Hi i´m from Germany and looking forward to a great community where i can learn a lot and share a lot. Happy to be here.
    I´m 29 and began 2016 with ding repair. Now I´m on my way to learn more about woodworking...working with less machines and try to do some steps with hand tools...
    Now my first give a "bio based" PU Glue or an alternative what i can use?



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    Hi, Willkommen im forum! Meines Wissens schließt sich PU und Bio aus, aber schau mal bei, da gibts zumindest Bio Epoxy, bzw. soll es geben. Ich habe den aber noch nie benutzt, aber generell kann PU durch Epoxy schon ersetzt werden.
    Handtools reichen für ein Surfbrett gut aus, aber es sollten schon gute sein. Ich habe jüngst eine japanische Säge und ein paar Hobel gekauft und nutze die mehr als meine Maschinen, da es für die meist kleineren Arbeiten schneller geht.
    Für Surfbretter/Kitebretter brauchst Du Säge, eventuell Bügel/Laubsäge, Hobel und oder Schleifpapier, vor allem viele gute Zwingen, oder besser einen Vakuumkompressor...
    The best surfer is the one with the biggest smile on his face...


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      Hi kite, Welcome to the forum. I'm do almost all of my surfboard construction with hand tools. There are somethings that require power tools but, for the most part I use hand tools. I'm not aware of bio glues and for my projects I use a SIG bond glue. There are a couple of reason I prefer it. It sands well and isn't messy like some glues. Best of luck with your next project.

      Builder/shaper of hollow wood surfboards. The shop is located in Ormond Beach, Florida. For more information email,
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        hi, thanks for reply. My first project is to upcycle some foam and put a wood skin on the blank. i´ve a vacuum compressor..are 0,8 bar enough to press the wooden skin to the foam?
        (Sorry for the german part below)
        Ich habe eine -denke ich- Gute Internetseite für Werkzeuge gefunden ( schauen. sobald ich nächsten Monat wieder zuhause bin wird losgelegt.
        Ich möchte hauptsächlich erstmal Kitesurfdirectionals bauen und mich daran versuchen bevor ich mich an hollow Wood ran traue.
        Zumal ich ja schon einiges an Equipment da habe (bio-epoxy, und die ganze Basic Hardware sowie kleinere tools für Ding-Repair)
        Vielen Dank schonmal und tolle Seite!


        EDIT: It is not enough to use D3/D4 Woodglue for Surfboards or why to use PU Woodglue?
        Du bist Anfänger, Fortgeschrittener oder Vollprofi? Bei uns lernst Du auf jeden Fall etwas dazu! Gerne gehen wir mit Dir aufs Wasser und trainieren gemeinsam, um Deine Leistung zu verbessern.
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          - 0,8 bar is enough, it may be too much. I tried -0,2 and it worked fine. 0,8 may suck air out of foam and everything will be ruined, you should test it anyway, just bring a piece of foam under vacuum and look if it deforms.
          White D3, D4 glue may not glue under vaccuum, it needs oxygen to harden, epoxy and PU does not.

          "Feine Werkzeuge" is good, similar is ....

          Good Luck with upcoming builds, and do not forget to post!
          The best surfer is the one with the biggest smile on his face...


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            okay that means when I use a rockertable I can use D3/D4 glue because they react then with oxygen...when I want to vaacumbaggin my boards then I have to use PU or epoxy, right!?
            Thanks...when I´m done I will post the results! Happy



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              Yes, exactly; genauso ist es, zumindest mit meinem 3d Weißleim klappt vakuumieren nicht, der PU geht super im Vakuum.
              The best surfer is the one with the biggest smile on his face...


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                Hey guys,

                anyone can recommend a vacuum bag thats big enough (maybe 3x2m) for bagging and that i can use more than a few times...
                maybe with a sealing system without taping the edges together?


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                  I use this:

                  and I seal it just by foding the ends a few times and clamp them onto the table using a straight edge or a piece of wood and 2-3 clamps.
                  The best surfer is the one with the biggest smile on his face...


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                    Hi kite4betterlife. Wellcome to the forum. I am using the very same bag as surfdude. I had no proplems doing verneer on wood in vacuum using Titebond3 (D3). If you are looking for a good source of quality handtools in germany, I can recommend They also produce their own tools, wich I use and like a lot.
                    Looking forward to your build report
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                      Hi guys,

                      thanks for the answers!

                      I´m ordered the bag and its really nice that i don´t need the vaccum sealing tape!
                      also i start this or next week with glueing the decks together with the foam.
                      Results i will post next time!