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7'11" fun board

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  • 7'11" fun board

    Working now on 7'11" fun board. This is my third wooden board and is a huge learning experience as it is the first full size one I have done totally from scratch. It is cedar with cherry "stringer" stripes for accent.

    Planks started as rough sawn northern cedar. Turned them into smooth lumber and milled down.

    Design started as an idea in my head to create a board designed for the waves I typically surf in North Carolina and Costa Rica. I had a ton of fun designing it, trying to figure out the million options at hand for me - rails, rocker, outline, etc. I also learned shape 3D and did it in CAD.

    Frame is birch plywood (didn't make that!) cut out on a CNC router at my local maker space. Same for the rocker table inserts.

    Cove and groove strips cut from the same cedar at the maker space.

    So - we'll see how it turns out but I'm having a ton of fun in the process. Building up the rails now. Hope to have it done and in the water by May.
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    Looking good. You can color me green with jealousy. I would love to have access to a cnc anything. It would definitely take out the tedious steps in the beginning that I don't like.


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      Nice looking project!