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Research Resin contains UV inhibitor?

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  • Research Resin contains UV inhibitor?

    So if that is true and it works, what is the marine varnish for?

    I cant imagine this board will see more than 100 hours of sun a year, likely a lot less. And at 11.5 feet long it would be nice not to add additional weight on the SUP. And the marine varnish s pricey and it would be nice to save the cash if not necessary.

    So is marine varnish a luxury step for a luxury product? Or am I missing something and I must have it applied even in my situation?


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    This is my take.....first off, epoxy is REALLY hard to polish. I wet sand my varnished boards to 2000 grit then polish with 3M Rubbing compound and then fine polishing compound. I put a huge amount of effort into my boards and want the very best finish possible...even if I just take them out and abuse the hell out of them, which I do. What you do for a final finish is a personal decision. I've used Resin Research on quite a few boards (now use Entropy for the lower VOC content). When I didn't get enough Perfection Plus on the early boards, they yellowed a lot. The later boards that had more varnish didn't.

    As far as the weight involved in varnish, you're probably talking about ounces. Cost?.....well, do we really build these boards because it's inexpensive?


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      Originally posted by Randy View Post
      Cost?.....well, do we really build these boards because it's inexpensive?
      That is exactly the excuse I use with my wife. I can go get a generic looking board for $800-1200 or I can build one for half the price using mostly stuff we already have. It helps that she also does some woodworking. $200-300 for nice hardwood for decks is way less than she's paid for her fancy curly koa, curly mango, curly whatever.

      As far as varnish, I've never used. My boards are kept out of the sun under our stairs/deck. Eventually they might yellow, but by then I'm sure I'll have new ones built.