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  • Compsand

    This is my second attempt at a compsand. I crushed the first one when vac bagging it. Expensive lesson. I have bought a gauge and valve now to control the pressure.
    The foam is 20kg EPS so you have to be careful! 0.15 bar is the max recommended by the company I bought them from.
    5mm high density foam on the deck and am ready to put the cork and stringer on. I will probably put a layer of 4oz glass in just to be sure.

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    What happened exactly at the first try? Can you describe it a little bit in detail? -0,15 bar is not much... and last question, what kind of glue due you use to glue styrofoam and wood under vacuum?
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      The foam changed shape and the wood pulled away from the rails. It looked fine after 2 hrs so I left it. I came back 30min later and it was all deformed. 0.15 bar is not much but enough to pull the foam down. I dont know if it would be enough for say 4mm wood. I used PU glue to glue the high density foam to the blank. I will use epoxy to glue the cork and wood as I am going to put a layer of glass in there.


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        Did you support the vacuuming with a rocker table or something similar, because that is, what should be done to prevent distortion? Just some woodenblocks blow the front an tail rocker could be enough, it should just hold the foam a little. Maybe its good to secure the board via the vaccum back also from the top... With some support, the pressure should be as high as possible, -0,6 to -0,9 bar, to get a good bond. Thats what I read....

        read that you should fix different layers with tape to avoid shifting too

        I will try vacuuming soon, I got the necessary parts already. I will use PU glue too. I tried a testpiece and found that my PU glue does not bond perfectly with styrofoam, but gets into the tiny little spaces, between the "foam balls". I think it will be good to sand with a coarse grit to get a better connection. It held without sanding, but I could separate the wood, with a thin layer of glue (that bond was perfect) from the foam with some effort.
        The best surfer is the one with the biggest smile on his face...