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  • Compsand

    Since there is a bit going on about compsand boards here are some pics of one I have started. A 10ft SUP. I have used strips on the rail to try and keep the weight down. Paulownia top and bottom and Cedar in the middle.

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    Nice looking project...I need to have a go at a compsand sometime...


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      Good Luck for this project! Interesting, anyway!
      I'm thinking on a building foam filled HWS. Since styrofoam and building foam have similar mechanical properties, I would like to know your considerations about deck strength. In the past I used successfully 6mm balsa plus 80gr glass underside and 160gr upperside for the deck; for bottom I went to 4mm balsa covered with both sides 80g glass.
      If filled with foam I could leave the inside glassing plus go down with the wood by one mm, leaving 5mm for deck and 3mm for bottom.
      Another option would be replacing the balsa with larch or pine and not to use glass at all, just epoxy on the outside as a sealer...
      Both method result in shaping a wooden hull, finally just for giving shape and optics. The strenght would come from the foam, supported by wood and epoxy und probably some glass, the advantage should be no need for any vent at all...
      What do you plan for your deck and bottom, and what do you usually use, if hollow...
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        I am not sure how thin you could go with balsa. I know Sunova boards are foam core ,glass ,balsa with a outside layer of glass. The balsa is very thin. I think 2mm. Don't know about the glass.
        Grant Newby makes compsand boards with 5mm Paulownia decks and 4mm bottom. No glass just oiled. This gives you an idea of strength needed.
        I have not decided exactly what I am going to do. I am thinking cork and bamboo veneer bottom and Paulownia and cork deck.
        You will be happy to know this is probably going to be a 2 piece board.