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Missed my handle blocking, whoops!

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  • Missed my handle blocking, whoops!

    Thinking of adding small blocks to the underside of the deck, then wrapping the handle in fiberglass before inserting into the block. Then a couple of layers of foberglass over the top.


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    I've never missed blocks completely, but I have routed too far to one side. The best fix I came up with, which will probably work for you also, was to route an extra 1/4-1/2 inch all the way around the handle. Cut and glue pieces into the hole vertically so they attach the installed blocking or bottom deck. They should be wide/thick enough to make up for the 1/4-1/2 inch you routed out plus a bit just in case. Reroute the proper size hole. Install the handle as normal. With it being glued to both decks and the blocking it can add some strength, probably not need though. More importantly it doesn't look like a mistake, use complementary wood colors and its an accent framing the handle. I wish I had pictures of the one I did. It was actually on the handle for a SUP also.

    Let me know if you want a better description of what I did. I can probably make a few pictures in the old photo shop to better explain what I did.


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      I created inserts that overlap the blocking on all three sides, and the inserts are also glued to the bottom of the deck. The eye screws and wires are used to pull the inserts against the blocking, then I need a couple of braces to keep the top of the inserts in place, then the overhead brace pulls the inserts up against the bottom of the deck. Then followed up with thickened epoxy to fill any gaps.

      Not happy this happened, but I plan to minimize handle usage by carrying it in the bag most of the time.


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        Pretty creative solution, glad you got it all worked out. I'm sure it will work fine, the handle doesn't see much more force than its own weight.


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          Isn't that half of the fun? Getting yourself out of a jam so nobody could tell? If I didn't make mistakes, I wouldn't be learning! I love you solution.


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            I agree bread! The whole project is a giant puzzle and that is a lot of the fun.

            My main concern was that without real blocking there, how much structural integrity was I missing? The weight of the entire 11 foot board is going to be suspended on just a few square inches of epoxy in an odd space. So far it is doing just fine, and with limited use of the handle i have zero concerns.


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