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Vented Leash Plug? Yay or Nay

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  • Vented Leash Plug? Yay or Nay

    Curious how the group's experience fairs out with Vented Leash plugs. I have installed about 8 or 9 thus far, and admittedly- have had mixed experiences with each one. I've recently had a longboard warp dramatically after sitting out in the sun for a few too many hours. I am not entirely sure if this is a user-error due to the vent plug installation (might not have cross-drilled the support block sufficiently), or if this is purely a fault of nature and any board is due to warp after hours in the sun, even if properly vented. Any comments or experiences worth sharing on this topic? next step is the brass threaded plug, but would rather keep the additional care to a minimum if possible

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    I'm 0 for 1 with a vented leash plug. One failure is enough for me to never use them again.


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      Are you certain that it was installed properly, cross-drilled the support block? This is my problem, not knowing confidently if i did this correctly, or if the product itself is failing...