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How to place a SUP grip

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  • How to place a SUP grip

    Because it is wood and I can easily replicate it, I love this idea for a grip:

    I am concerned about how to mount it and have some ideas with no clear winner:
    1- when the board is almost finished, saw a hole in the deck and drop in the entire block. Con: Don't love the gaps that could occur, and potentially leaving the surrounding planks and ribs with less support?
    2- Attach the grip to the underside of the deck and cut out a hole that matches just the hollow of the grip. I think this would look the best, but I need to find the balance point before the board is even half way completed. And this still wouldn't be a good idea to cut through ribs would it?
    3- just go with a plastic grip slot- put a lot of blocking in the "area", then router out the necessary spot according to the balance point before the board is completed. Pros- appears to maybe be a better solution for structural integrity and maybe less issues leaking (vs a wooden grip)??? Cons: wood > plastic.

    Anyone know of any tutorials that would help answer these questions for me?

    Lots of things to consider here, I appreciate everyone that wants to help me walk through it.


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    Just do no.3 with a wooden grip... Make the grip, it does not have to be very deep, just for the fingertips, route it out, use some internal blocking, best out of balsa, it is light and gives additional stability and glue it with epoxy like a single fin box. Seal the grip with epoxy prior to setting it...
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      Number 3 is the way to go from a structural point of view - the support blocks need to be under the deck whereas if you did number 1 there would be very little support.

      As said, you can make your own from wood.

      I went plastic on mine and think it doesn't look out of place. I spent a good length of time hunting for a handle that had a good undercut and no bumps, etc. I wanted the right one (and found it). but it was something I would have struggled to replicate sensibly in wood.


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        I have just bought one of these it has a vent built in. An easy shape to insert as well.
        I would say 3 as well. Block to one side of the stringer and off set your handle so you don't cut the stringer. What do the instructions for the kit say?
        You shouldn't need to tie the front of the board down. I have only tied the front and back once on a 12'6 as I was doing a long trip.


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          Thanks everyone!

          Make the grip, apply layers of epoxy
          Block the general area underneath the deck
          mortise the balance point without cutting the stringer

          What about ribs? I'm guessing if it's blocked well enough on both sides, it is "ok" to cut through a rib?
          What phase of finishing do I insert the grip? Between cheat coat and glassing? After glassing, then glass the grip surface to the surrounding area?



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            I went through the stringer on mine with no issues. It's supported all round by the blocking so no issue and I didn't want it off set. I purposefully didn't go through any ribs though.


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              Some pics of handle and leash plug. I glued cork to the handle. Just sand it and clamp it down onto some cork or wood with epoxy. Then trim and sand flush.I made a template, it took a couple of goes to get it right. Then use a flush trim router bit to make the hole.