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Removing Futures Fin boxes (intact)

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  • Removing Futures Fin boxes (intact)

    Hi All,
    I hesitated in posting this here, but then remembered the point here is to learn from each others mistakes and get better from them.

    In my confident idiocy, I recently installed and glassed over some quad Future fin boxes BACKWARDS in one of my new boards (I had just returned form holidays and was eager to make progress).
    I have not applied the full finish yet, but apart from that the board is ready to go.

    I was wondering if anyone has a solution to removing the fin boxes, potentially intact.
    My current solution is to route them out (thus destroying them) and glass in a new pair.

    Suggestions and funny stories welcome.


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    Bummer! Sounds like something I would do.

    What did you use for blocking inside the board? Could you use a patterning bit and use the lip of the box as the guide? Use some balsa blocks to fill holes & re-route and play up the halo effect as a design feature.
    Kook on a wood board.


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      Yeah just got a little over excited to get them in and didnt pay attention.
      The backing is expanding foam that i sprayed into the areas i was putting the fins into.

      That may work, route around the boxes and then re-mount them with a "Hailo" around them... hmm we'll have to see


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        I bet you could work one of those extendable utility knife around the box & cut the foam.
        Does the complete box sit on the foam or is the lip on the planks? A regular utility knife would work on the planks since they are probably only 1/16'' or so.
        Kook on a wood board.


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          The two things I'd start with are either an art knife heated and slid along the side of the box which would melt the epoxy or use a thin blade Japanese pull saw and slowly saw it out along the sides then work a utility knife across the ends. Personally, I think that you could make a jig and rout the box out then drop a new one in with little to no fuss and no evidence that you had done it.


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            So I sanded down the fin boxes last night and just decided that i would be easier to route them out.
            When taking out the grub screws i discovered one of them was burred so i wasnt too unhappy about having to remove the box.

            I only had time to route out one of the boxes but it went pretty well. Apart from at the very end when there was one shard left.
            the piece ripped off the foam it was epoxied to and shot into the side as shown in the picture. luckily it didnt cause too much damage and could be picked out fairly easily.
            Hopefully the rest go better.



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              Its a bit late but one other approach may have been modifying the fin to go in to the box backwards. I'm not familiar with those fins or boxes but that might be an option.


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                thanks for the suggestion thistle, i had considered but then I would have to do that for any fins i put in haha
                Also it might be less safe in the box and more prone to coming out