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  • Burn Through Help Please!

    Hello all. Found this forum in a search for help in answering the question of what next.

    Ive applied the laminate and hot coat to top and bottom and was in the process of sanding the board for the glass coat. Well somehow I burned right through a large section of the side rails on the bottom half - one 12” section down to wood.

    Ive attached pics to hopefully get some advice.

    Can am I simply use a narrow strip of cloth and fiberglass over it? Does it require that or is simply glass coating it sufficient? Should I sand the whole bottom down to wood and start over?

    tha me for any and all advice/recommendations.

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    Some more photos of the nose. You can see how the top still has weave and the bottom none. Also not the white specs sprinkled throughout the top of the nose. What is that? I can’t get it out.

    thanks again


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      I would do a small patch. If you use the cut lap technique you wont even notice it. The white dots are dust from sanding.


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        Thanks much Tarquin. I did do the lap technique so I went ahead and sanded down the rails and did the entire bitty half again with some overlap on the bottom skin. You’re right. Can’t even tell. Just wasn’t sure if you could glass over glass or if it needed to be sanded all the way down. At least now I have strong rails.

        Thats what hat I thought but it won’t come out with compressed air or denatured alcohol. Anyway. Sanded it out so it doesn’t show under the gloss coat.

        Thanks again