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  • Urethane Finish Coat

    I used West System epoxy on my board then applied a couple coats of Spar Urethane for UV protection and as a "sacrificial" coating. The board came back to me this spring and I noticed that the varnish was all gummed up and just didn't hold up to wear and tear. Knowing that I have West System on it, is there a better final finish? Would a spar varnish be better?

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    I've been using a two part urethane marine varnish. It's an Interlux product called Perfection Plus. It's the best UV protective coating I've found and it can be rolled and tipped. The one thing I would say about this type of high performance varnish is to respect the warnings on the label. You can use this stuff safely if you are scrupulous in using a good respirator with new filters in a well ventilated work area. Once this product fully cures it can be wet sanded and buffed to any level of gloss you are trying to achieve.