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  • GPO 14 CE bosch

    i am looking for a polisher ,
    Does anyone has this polisher and can add his own opinion about it ?

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    I do not know the machine, but with the Bosch Blue Series, you cannot do wrong; the only question is it necessary for the work you plan to do. I got a Bosch Blue Jigsaw, it cost about 160€, whereas only for building balsa boards a "einhell", a cheap home depot brand, is about 50€, and would work too.
    But I do love good tools too, it will not fail, or if it fails, a cheap tool would have failed much before.
    If I would use the Bosch sander only for 2 boards a year, I would think about it, if you use the tool on daily basis I would definitely buy the bosch.
    I had an Einhell sander, for about 60 €, the first failed just after 2 boards, but I had warranty and got a new one, even a better one of a newer series, for free. For my needs this sander is good enough. To get good results, the used equipment is also very important, i.e. the type of sanding disks, the hardness, flexibility and even the sand paper can make a great difference. I bought here on the higher priced level, for its ok by now. But I would love to have a blue bosch...
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      Thanks surfdude, i'm a boach lover what can i say 🙂,but would you say the comfort is onother thing to think about?