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Threaded vent holes

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  • Threaded vent holes

    Bought some Goretex Vent Screws, threaded M12, but did not have threaded inserts in that size.
    Found a nice solution, which may work for all kind of threaded holes:
    Make a kind if leash cup out of wood, drill a hole in appropriate size, for M12 about 11mm.
    Screw in an M12 screw or use an thread cutter.
    Set the cup into your board.
    If board is almost finished, tape a screw with teflon sealing tape and screw it in.
    Fill the cup with liquid epoxy. Let cure until hard.
    Since the epoxy does not bond to the teflon tape, you just unscrew and ready to go.
    You may need to deburr. The advantage is, that the threads in the epoxa match 100% with the one in the wood.
    The final look is great! Click image for larger version  Name:	0F29E091-532A-4438-8830-BC2DF430435D.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	84.4 KB ID:	7529

    Click image for larger version  Name:	FAEAC80F-5063-4506-8A83-2FF526C169E2.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	81.4 KB ID:	7530

    The threaded epoxy build up is about 5mm in height, of course the cup must be designed as needed.
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    Great idea old dude.


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      There is one thing to be aware of, the threads of the screw must be the same as your vent. Mine was M12x1.75 and the goretex vent screw was M12x1.5...
      I had to rethread it, but finally the goretex vent is in place
      The best surfer is the one with the biggest smile on his face...