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Cad file help needed.

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  • Cad file help needed.

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with creating 3 cad files I can send to my local cnc foam machinist. ? The designs I have chosen are from shape3d library and just need to be tweaked down in thickness to allow for some paulownia skins. I am willing to pay a few $ for the files , Its just that i cant afford the big $ for shape3d program that allows me to export the files.


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    Unfortunately I can not help you with shape3d, but did you ever have a look on BoardCad. It is a free shaping software. It has some export functions to CNC too, but I have never used this feature, i shape my board and export them into another free software to print the plans for my wooden boards. This software is the jedail hollow wood template maker.
    If you do not find anybody who could help you, you should try boardcad...
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      You can take a 1 month trial subscription. It doesn't cost much. I can't remember how I did it but it's there somewhere. I designed my boards on the free version then paid the 1 month subscription and downloaded the files.The free version used to be great.